SickFit is owned and operated by an active-duty Army engineer officer, Paden Sickles; dedicated to creating socks, streetwear, and custom embroidery that spark conversations through the military community and fashion industry. Donations from every sale support local charities within our communities.


Paden graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and commissioned in the United States Army upon graduation. She continued her education at Northern Kentucky University and received her Master's in Business Administration, specializing in Finance and is currently pursuing her doctoral. 


As an Active Duty Army Engineer Officer,  She is constantly on the go and learned very quickly that her feet the ultimate price. Oftentimes people choose to spend a crazy amount of money on their shoes for style, and or comfort, but tend to overlook one very important item; their socks!


On a hot summer day in Texas, She completed the12-mile ruck march for Air Assault School and her feet were destroyed. It was then she knew that she had to do better for service members and sock enthusiast. As a result, SickFit was founded on 27 July 2021. The slogan, “Life is Sick” resonates deeply within the military community, embodying the resilience, courage, and unyielding determination they exhibit in the face of challenges.


Additionally, our commitment to giving back through charitable donations from sales is directly tied to our price point ending in $00.27. By supporting local communities, we touch lives both on and off the battlefield. SickFit isn’t just a brand, it’s a mission, a supporter, an ally, and tribute to the heroes in uniform striving to make their journey a bit more comfortable and connected. 


 At SickFit our mission is to engineer fashion pieces that not only captivate us through innovative high-quality designs but spark meaningful conversations. We are dedicated to supporting local communities with a commitment to make a positive impact.


We create custom embroidered masterpieces not only for our sock drops but for anyone wanting to bring their vision to life. Experience the craftsmanship of SickFit, designed to elevate your everyday moments with the perfect blend of style, quality, and comfort.


"As Always Live the SickFit Culture, and Life is Sick!"